StuartEppsGoldRecord Stuart Epps
Musician, composer, record producer and rock music legend Stuart Epps has been a major influence in rock music for over four decades. He began his career in 1970 as Elton John's personal assistant and worked with Elton's legendary producer Gus Dudgeon for many years as his engineer before becoming Elton's producer himself. He has also produced albums with Led Zeppelin, George Harrison, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Twisted Sister, to name a few. Stuart is currently working on a song for The Orphans in the Storm Project, utilizing African orphans who were recorded by David Bartlett.  Look for the world premiere here soon! IMDbLogo    Stewart MuchMuchBetterLineSeparator
Mark Isham
​Multiple Grammy winning film composer and musician Mark Isham has composed over 100 film scores in his career, including such diverse projects as Crash, Reservation Road and Kiss The Girls. In 1992 received an Academy Award nomination for the Robert Redford film A River Runs Through It.  Mark will be contributing music to the project and we are very grateful for his help.       Mark's WebsiteMark MuchMuchBetterLineSeparator
Howard McCrary
Grammy nominated Gospel vocalist, musician and composer Howard McCrary is an international music legend. He began as a child prodigy, playing piano as a small child. He learned over 300 jazz standards before he was 13 years old. He has performed all over the world for many top recording stars and acts, and has served as their musical director as well. Just a  few of the artists who Howard has worked with include Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston and many others. Howard has agreed to be the musical director of the album for the Orphans In The Storm Project, and will also be doing compositions himself. It is Howard who plays that amazing piano track on Glenda Benevides' Change song which is featured here on the home page of this website. ​      Howard's WebsiteHoward MuchMuchBetterLineSeparator
Glenda Benevides
​Glenda's extensive career as a singer/songwriter has taken many interesting turns throughout the years, including recording albums, live touring and extensive travel around the world, involving a 6 month tour of China. Glenda is now in production for a concert experience set to tour the world starting this year. It is Glenda's song "Change" that is featured on the homepage of this website, and was written and sung by her. Glenda has also agreed to be the celebrity spokesperson for The Orphans in the Storm charity and will be spearheading all contributions and other help to the orphans of the world. Glenda's WebsiteGlenda MuchMuchBetterLineSeparator
Calista Carradine with David Carradine
Singer, songwriter and actress Calista Carradine has been performing jazz, country and blues since she was a little girl. Her father David Carradine recorded a song title "Paint" before he passed away and Calista will be making a duet version with him for the orphans project. Look for it soon!        Calista's WebsiteCalista