What is Orphans In The Storm?

Orphans In The Storm is a charity dedicated to giving aid to the orphans of the world, and to help them learn to help themselves. We feed them and clothe them if needed, and give them Human Rights education, to make them aware that they have human rights, what they are, and that they deserve them. Because they are human.    

David Bartlett
Orphans In The Storm
  RedLittleOrphanGirlTUMBLR Little orphan girl, Bangladesh   IMG_2328CameroonOrphansReadHRBooklet Togo orphans read about Human Rights (they speak French in Togo.)     ThailandMonkReadinBookletA Buddhist monk in Thailand reading about Human Rights.   IMG_0347   Selfie of our founder David Bartlett with the King of Togo.   IMG_2658DavidBartlettShootsThailandBuddhistMonksAndMaryShuttleworth Our founder David Bartlett shooting Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, founder of Youth For Human Rights and her new friends the Buddhist monks on the 2011 Youth For Human Rights world tour. David was there as a volunteer to shoot video and stills to document the trip.        

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